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Sindbad School of Sailing

Go Sailing! Sail With Sindbad & Learn A Skill For Life! Devoted to Teaching Safe Cruising Skills & Competent Seamanship

About Us

About Paul Kantor & Sindbad School of Sailing

"The sailing scene is not limited to coastal regions. For local enthusiasts like Paul Kantor sailing is more than just a hobby - it's a Way of Life!- Even In Our Land Locked Province"

- Merge Magazine 

Article "Come Sail Away"

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Sindbad School of Sailing has been devoted to teaching safe cruising skills and competent seamanship for over 40 years.

ISPA Sailing Instructor Paul Kantor is a life long sailor dedicated to the training of sailboat operators both ashore and on the water, with the emphasis on excellence in the safe-handling and skillflul use of pleasure craft. A recognized International Sail and Power Association (ISPA) Certified Instructor of beginner through advanced certifications.

Paul Kantor brings over 60 years experience, racing , teaching and promoting sailing. He has extensive European and pacific west coast cruising experience. A racing champion in his own right he has won countless races at numerous levels in both Europe and Canada. Over the years he has taught many levels of sailing on land, dinghy and cruiser, on lakes, oceans and seas. In addition to founding Sindbad School of Sailing and mentoring sailors to the accredited ISPA Coastal Skipper Sail Advanced level, Paul was a founding member of the Edmonton Power & Sail Squadron, served as instructor at the Northern Alberta Sailing College (NASC), a Provincial Instructor Evaluator and Coach to Alberta Sailing Teams. He has also been a long time member of the Canadian Yachting Association (CYA), International Sail & Power Association (ISPA) Alberta Sailing Association (ASA), Alberta Offshore Sailing Association (AOSA), the Edmonton Yacht Club ((EYC), and continues to be a steadfast member of sailing and boating clubs, boards and committees where he continues to win races and promote the sport of sailing.

Paul is a very pleasant instructor with a teaching background who exhibits plenty of patience and a knack for mentoring others. You are in good hands whenever he is around. Sailing is in his blood, and his love of sailing shows as he passes his skills and knowledge on to others.